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Enjoy Dinner in a relaxed setting at Seven Restaurant, located in the picturesque village of Wentworth Falls.

  • BreakfastNew$90
    Fresh herb or garlic cheese bread.
  • LunchSpecial$120
    Tuscan bruschetta with roma tomatoes & basil  or
    olives & oregano.
  • SoupSpecial$210
    Minestrone soup served with ciabatta bread.
  • DinnerSpecial$345
    Grilled chicken tenders with semi dried tomato pesto & rice.

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Key Elements Of A Successful Restaurant

Unlike the dishes that they make, there is no recipe to success for a restaurant business. Some keen observations and analysis of a couple of things can identify what makes a good restaurant click. All of us strive for perfection, and we go to great lengths to prove that we can do better than what people think we can do. I have listed out some feature of a good restaurant, do check them out.

1. A good restaurant understands the business. Operations are obviously an essential part of a business, and they undoubtedly require experience and also a lot of understanding to manage all of it. You should compare food costs, labour costs, all your profits and all your other costs and consider if you are getting a profit or breaking even.

2. Do not haggle with vendors when you are buying produce; you should make sure that you befriend some vendors. They tend to give good quality products to the ones they like; therefore, you need to be nice to them.

3. Make sure that your staff is courteous and well mannered. It is incredibly annoying when the wait staff is rude or ignorant; hire some people who have a lot of patience and also those who love talking to people. Make sure that they are also well groomed and properly dressed. Do not deprive them of their tips, because it will surely help them a lot.

Enjoying Food

4. The ambience of the restaurant plays a pivotal role. Do not play loud music; you should use some classic instrumental songs or some mellow songs which are nice to listen to. Get some good quality furniture and make sure that it is well tended to every day. Make sure that they are cleaned as well. If you use furniture that can stain be very careful indeed, if it does stain, hire a professional to clean it up.

5. The location of your restaurant matters a lot. Do not open it in the middle of nowhere and worry that no one is coming into your restaurant. If you open in a very popular area, be ready to serve a large population of people.

6. Make sure that you serve unique food. It should be hygienic and different from what other people offer up in their restaurants. If the food is good, then the people who have eaten there will hype it up to their friends and family, this will draw in more customers.

7. Marketing also plays a huge role. You cannot just depend on word of mouth. You should promote your restaurant in the paper, the internet, mainly social media and also billboard advertisements if possible.

The Best Cuisines Around The World

“Food is an essential need for any life form, and we eat to live”, well it was like this once upon a time but now cooking is an art, it involves many sorts of feelings. I personally get an urge to eat something or the other every 3 hours, and I just can’t stop myself from it. My personal favorite is pizza and garlic bread, and it is the best meal in the history of human, I can’t resist the food until I eat up to my throat. But it just doesn’t end there; I also enjoy other cuisines such as Indo-Chinese, Indian, American, etc. But my first preference has always been Italian food, primarily because I was raised in Rome. I have loved every minute of my childhood because I used to get the best food around. I was definitely a fat kid because all I ever ate was fatty foods; pasta and pizza to name a few. Now let’s talk about food all around the world. I have listed some of the best cuisines that will make your mouth water.

1. The United States Of America has been very successful in taking the recipes of food from all around the world and improving on it impressively. They also have their own recipes like the cheeseburger, clam chowder, chocolate chip cookie, key lime pie, salads, etc.


2. Mexican food has also had a great influence on us as they have given us burritos, tacos, nachos, etc. These foods have since become so immensely popular that people love them a lot.

3. Indian cuisine has had one of the most significant impacts on the globe, ever. Rice and Dal can be construed as a very famous combination of foods. The Dosa and idly are also very famous breakfast foods from India. Let’s not forget about the million kinds of dishes you can make with the legendary paneer (cottage cheese).

4. French food is also widely beloved as they gave us baguettes, croissants, macaroons, etc. These are some things that people love to eat, and we surely have the French to thank for it.

French food

5. And finally, my personal favorite, Italian food has enslaved the taste buds of anyone and everyone around us. Too tired to cook? Order a pizza. Yes, that’s how much people love pizza. The zesty mixture of cheese, tomato sauce and a base that’s so perfect in the mouth, there are almost no words to explain why pizza is the most beloved food, ever. Fettuccini, penne, spaghetti, ravioli, risotto are just a few of a wide variety of deliciously spectacular food that they offer. It has become a crowd-pleasing crowd favorite, the “everyman’s food”.

Top Restaurants That Are Michelin Star Rated

All gourmet chefs aspire and long their entire lives to earn that coveted Michelin star rating; this rating sets them apart from all other competitive chefs in their area of expertise. You have to know that being a Michelin star restaurant is a high honor, something that can be earned only by being one the best and the most excellent restaurants in the world. For hundreds of years, all the Michelin star restaurants were largely concentrated in magnificent France, where everything is glamorous. Over the years, countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. have seen the emergence of some amazing chefs who have been awarded with this high honor. Below I have listed out some amazing picks from all around the world, do take a look.


1. Per Se Restaurant in New York. This is one of the most well-known Michelin star restaurants in all of New York. Chefs all around the planet know about this place. It is located in the heart of New York City, in the Time Warner Building, which is located in Columbus Circle. Midtown Manhattan sees a surge in people who are incredibly excited to get into this restaurant. It has been awarded 3 Michelin stars, and it offers some picturesque views of the city that never sleeps. Thomas Keller owns this place, and he makes sure that the restaurant offers special tasting menus every day for all customers. The estimated cost for two, for a meal, would be around $800.


2. Azurmendi Restaurant in Spain is also one of the most famous Michelin star restaurants known all around the world. The place offers a terrace garden where the diners can see that fresh produce in kept all over the place. There is also a beautiful greenhouse through the kitchen, where all the snacks are served. It is very well known for its eco-friendly functioning. The average cost for would be $300.

3. Le Bernardin Restaurant was first established in Paris in the year 1972. Later it was relocated to New York City, where it gained an immense amount of popularity. It makes its presence well known when it comes to New York’s culinary scene. An estimated cost for two would come up to $500.


4. The Fat Duck Restaurant in the United Kingdom. This restaurant gained a lot of popularity because it gives us, the customers multi-sensory cooking, all kinds of food pairing and also they offer a 14-course tasting menu which offers a plethora of delicious dishes served in the most stylish ways. It was initially a 16th-century cottage which was entirely renovated to become a charming and rustic dining ambiance. Estimated cost for two would be upwards of $700.

What To Look For When You Are Abroad And Want To Dine At An Affordable Price

I was in Paris last year, and it was my first time there. I had a couple of days by myself, and I had no idea what to do. I am a person who cares about his diet, so I spent a lot of time looking for restaurants that offered that kind of food that I needed. I turned to the internet to help me and all the things I considered, you should consider as well.

When you do take time to choose a restaurant you will surely be rewarded with a great gastronomic experience that you will remember for days to come. You should choose one that has a great ambience so that it suits the mood that you are in. Restaurants should not have harsh lighting. In the morning, it’s amazing if they let in a lot of natural light.



If they are located in the city, it would be amazing if they placed it on the top of a building so that a concrete jungle does not surround it. I, myself love dining when on rooftops because I love the view. That is precisely what I did in Paris. I shopped around for rooftop restaurants and actually found quite a few.

Another thing that I considered while shopping around for restaurants is whether I would get the value of the money that I was paying. Let’s face it; not all of us are millionaires who are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for just one meal. Paris has some of the finest restaurants in the world and with that comes a premium price for all the dishes that they offer. There are ways you can get the best food at less than even $10 a meal. Paris has many quaint cafes, and small places to eat around every corner and these places make some amazingly delicious food. The same happens in New York; even though pizza is Italian, it is a known fact that you find some of the best pizzerias in small places here and there in NYC, Italy is known for these kinds of places as well; small eateries where the food tastes like it was specially sent from heaven. Pasta, pizza, calzones, garlic breads, etc. are some of the things that taste exquisite in these places, in Italy.


I am indeed a huge fan of these kinds of places because they offer a great value for money and the taste of the food they offer is out of this world. Some other things that you should look for are the service that you receive, the hygiene of the food and also the kind of chef that cooks in the place you are choosing to dine at. A family usually owns the kind of places I was talking about; they surely won’t be restaurant chains so you can trust the cooking to be spectacular.

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